This book will tell you everything you wish you had known 5 years ago. But, after reading it, you will realize you still have time to enact each and every recommendation to be successful trading and investing in cryptocurrency.

We can't undo what is done or shoulda, coulda, woulda ourselves about the past. All we can do is move forward. And forward movement is exactly what you will get from this eBook.

This 50+ page book follows the outline of my "Invest in Cryptocurrency with Confidence" Course on Teachable. It takes you from zero to hero when it pertains to understanding cryptocurrency and successfully investing in it.

My hope is that you will buy the book and realize how much there is to learn and then buy the course. I believe that so strongly, I have included a 20% off coupon at the back of the book for my cryptocurrency course.

I want your cryptocurrency journey to be a successful one and this course will help to ensure that happens.